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About LWPD

About Lez Wright Health and WellnessLez Wright

  • We have an excellent reputation for helping people get the results they are looking for
  • We offer a full money back guarantee*
  • We have a great range of health and wellness products that our clients can receive free
  • We operate 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for our clients convenience
  • Always with you! We offer UNLIMITED FREE after care to all our clients
  • We offer state of the art Gym & Spa facilities
  • A variety of high profile clients have given their trust in The Lez Wright Group. We have treated a number of international clients and many have chosen to go public about what they’ve done
  • We offer a complete holistic health and wellness program that simply cannot be found any where else
  • We have flexible payment plan solutions, So you don’t need to worry to much about the cost
  • We have a 100% success in helping people become more confident and motivated
  • We offer complete solutions to your health and wellness

Lez Wright’s Story

Who is Lez Wright?

I have over 20 years experience in health, wellness and personal development. I have run my business Lez Wright Personal development since 2006.

I provide exclusive and effective health, wellness and personal development training and services. I love training and I’m very interested in helping people make great changes in their lives.

I started work at thirteen, left home before I left school at fifteen, bought my first property when I was eighteen, Tae Kwon Do martial artist champion at nineteen, Regional sales manager for GM at twenty two and became an entrepreneur at twenty three.

As an entrepreneur, I have had two restaurants, three recording studios, a record label, a production company and now, a coaching business helping people like you, to dramatically change their lives and lifestyles. And I love that.

Planning and implement changes in life is an amazingly exciting experience but can be difficult as well especially if life does not appear to go as expected.

I am driven to help people identify, perceive and experience the positive side of life and develop the necessary skills to maintain that.

I specialize in reversing psychological habits, natural food nutrition and psycho-physical training. With this unique combination there isn’t much that cannot be overcome.

I help re-educate my clients to have success over their stress, obesity, sleep problems, procrastination, depression, anger, asthma, anxiety, high blood pressure, skin problems, addictions and impotency, Allowing for increased confidence, energy and motivation needed to dramatically change your life and lifestyle.

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