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Low Immune System Programme

Within the body are a number of highly specialized cells and organs whose job it is to recognise the presence of germs or foreign organisms. This defence system is called the immune system. It has its own circulatory system which is called the lymphatic system. Within this lymphatic system are small white blood cells which are known as lymphocytes, and it is these cells which help to protect the body from disease. Also within the system are blood cells named phagocytes, whose job it is to protect the body from bacteria and foreign particles. It is essential for a healthy immune system that all of the immune system cells work together. If this does not happen a weak or low immune system develops. People with low immune systems find that they are very susceptible to catching coughs, colds and viral infections.

Low Immune System Programme is ideal for:

  • Men or Woman looking to make lifestyle changes
  • Up to the age of 60
  • Young at heart
  • Open minded and ready to work at resolving health issues.


What to expect from Low Immune System programme?

Low Immune System

Learning what you are eating is of paramount importance, and features heavily within our training programmes. Many foods that are advertised as healthy may in fact be the cause of your health problems.

Using our Ten Approach (Training, Education, Nutrition), our training programmes will totally re-educate your mind, your body and your palate, by showing you what foods truly will provide you with the healthy body you deserve.

Another major misnomer is the way you engage in physical activity and it’s outcome. We get amazing results with a very short exercise routine (10-15 minutes daily) that most age groups and genders can undertake.

Many people who go to their GP’s get told to ‘eat better’ and ‘get some exercise’. What they don’t get told is how to do this, leaving them unable to solve the problem.

Call Us before booking this Programme

  • Phone call to discuss current lifestyle
  • Arrival at Lez Wright Personal Development’s office
  • Skill sets Development
  • Discussion about goal setting
  • Overview of what you need to do
  • Review Programme plan Training – Learning – Nutrition (T.E.N)
  • Debrief
  • Review Goal setting

Client’s Story

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If you would like to learn more regarding this procedure then why not book a free, no obligation consultation with a dedicated health and wellness co-ordinator. At your consultation you will be able to discuss the procedure in detail and ask any questions you may have.


Q: What is Low immune sysem?

A: Low immune system is the lack of protection in the body against illness.

Q: What Causes Low Immune System?

A: A low immune system can be caused in two ways, it can be either congenital (someone is born with it) or it can occur as a result of external factors. The severity of congenital immunodeficiency can vary greatly, from life threatening malfunctions within the immune system to patients who have low immune systems but are asymptomatic. It is therefore essential to seek appropriate advice and treatment for congenital immunodeficiency.


A low immune system could be the result of malnutrition, this could be due either to a diet that is imbalanced or to some form of intestinal disease whereby the body is unable to properly absorb essential nutrients from food. A number of medical conditions also affect the immune system such as Downs Syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis. Other factors that may impact on the immune system include stress, the ageing process and extreme environmental conditions. Appropriate diagnosis and treatment should be sought if a low immune system is suspected.



Q: What are Low immune System symptoms?

A: Some of the symptoms associated with a low immune system are, recurrent coughs and colds, chronic infections, lymph glands becoming sore or swollen, frequent cold sores or genital herpes and cancer.


Q: When to get help?

A: Appropriate diagnosis and treatment should be sought if a low immune system is suspected.

Q: How to start reversing low immune system?

A: If you have Low immune system, avoid smoking cigarettes, processed foods, GMO or consuming products of a negative nature. This can only make your situation worse. Daily exercise will help cleans the lymphatic system and adopting a super healthy diet is a great starting point.

Q: Low immune System exercise program?

A:If you have low immune system, you should exercise daily. And work towards a vigorous training programme that you can enjoy. Weight training, Running, badminton, squash, martial arts, dance etc. If you have low immune System, training 2-3 times a week isn’t going to cut it. Everyday is the only way. You need to get a sweat on.


Q: Low immune System Diet?

A: Diet is one of the major reasons why people can have a low immune System. The consumption of fatty & processed foods, processed drinks, drugs and alcohol over the years can produce such things as a low immune System. Changing your diet is fundamental.





Our Commitment to Understanding Your Needs

We understand that clients care and attention is pivotal in personal development and we treat all of our clients as individuals. Even though having poor health and wellness is a worldwide common problem, no one client is the same and we have trained experts that listen to you and advise you on the best ways to help you work with your health and wellness.

Specialised Training Education and Nutrition Support

All of our prices include comprehensive after-care packages which include dietary and fitness advice to ensure your personal development effectively and safely. We arrange consultations to help you make the correct food choices and also provide you with a fitness package to promote your new healthier and happier lifestyle.

Health and Wellness Prices

We offer different personal development procedures for you to choose from. The varying options are appropriate for different levels of Health and Wellness and they will be discussed at length in your consultation.

Prices are as follows:

TV/Media Offer* FROM 4 WEEK FROM £1395
GOLD 12 WEEKS £4995

These prices are correct at time of publication 1st March 2014. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Prices are subject to consultation at which point Clients will receive their Personal Quotation.

We occasionally have special offers running which may entitle you to a discount on the above prices, check out our website or contact us to see if there are currently any offers.

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