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Stress Program

Stress can be perceived in many ways. However when a person finds it difficult to control their thoughts and emotions or finds themselves consumed with negative beliefs and feelings that are detrimental to them and others, then maybe it is time for a change.

Stress Program is ideal for:

  • People having a mid-life crisis
  • Relationship problems
  • financial problems
  • mentally out of control
  • Stressed out
  • Stressed at work


What to expect from Stress program?


We deal with stress head on. Learning what you are eating is of paramount importance, and features heavily within the training program. Many foods that are advertised as healthy may in fact be the cause of your stress problems.

Using our Ten Approach (Training, Education, Nutrition) will totally re-educate your mind, your body and your palate, by showing you what foods truly will provide you with the healthy body and mind you deserve.

Another major misnomer is the way you engage in physical activity and it’s outcome. We get amazing results with a very short exercise routine (10-30 minutes daily) that most age groups and genders can undertake.

Many people who go to their GP’s get told to ‘eat better’ and ‘get some exercise’. What they don’t get told is how to do this, leaving them unable to solve the problem.

Call Us before booking this Program

  • Phone call to discuss your current Health and Wellness
  • Arrival at Lez Wright’s Health & Wellness Center
  • Skill set Development
  • Discussion setting outcomes
  • Overview of what you need to do
  • Review Program plan. Training – Education – Nutrition (T.E.N)
  • Review simple Goal setting
  • Debrief

Client’s Story



Q: What is Stress?

A: It is a personal perception of a situation or circumstance viewed in a less than positive way. There are different levels of stress usually observed and metered by the inability to control one’s thoughts or emotions.


Q: What causes Stress?

A:After prolonged stress, the body produces chemicals that are similar to a ‘flight or fight’ threat situation, fighting for your life, being chased knowing harm will come to you or waiting for an accident. Stress can very easily become habit forming and in many cases develops into a standard and accepted part of life.


Q: What are the symptoms of Stress?

A: The chemical reactions in the body after prolonged periods of stressful thoughts and emotions could cause a torrent of other problems above and beyond stress. Procrastination, sleep problems, eating disorders, anxiety, hypertension, are a few which could lead on to even more serious conditions such as liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, high blood pressure and much more. When we control our emotions we are more in control of our stress and consequently more in control of our health.


Q: How to control Stress?

A: If you suffer from it, avoid smoking cigarettes, processed foods, GMO or consuming products of a negative nature. These can only make your situation worse. One of the reasons why people maintain high levels of stress is because they continue or return to the very same bad habits that produced stress in the first place.


Q: Are there any exercises for stress?

A: You should exercise daily. And work towards a vigorous training program that you can enjoy. Weight training, running, badminton, squash, martial arts, dance etc. If you have stress, training 2-3 times a week isn’t going to cut it. Everyday is the only way. Exercise is like having a daily detox. You normally feel great after a workout.

Q: What foods should I eat if I have Stress

A: Diet is one of the major reasons why people maintain stress. The consumption of fatty & processed foods, processed drinks, GMO, drugs and alcohol over the years can produce stress and a barrage of associated stress conditions. Changing your diet if you suffer from stress is fundamental.

Q: Stress Management

A: Stress starts with thought and manifests into how we feel which can be very physical. How and what you think about is a great starting point to managing your stress. If you’re thoughts and feelings are rooted to a more negative outlook you may have already trained your mind to ask questions that are rooted in the negative. This is an habit that can be changed with effort. Try asking yourself much more optimistic and positive questions. Such as: What’s great about my day, family, life, etc. Then actually make an effort for your thoughts to deliver a positive, optimistic answer.

Q: Stress cure?

A: If you can control your thoughts and emotions you can control your stress.


Our Commitment to Understanding Your Needs

We understand that a clients care and attention is pivotal in their Personal Health & Wellness and we treat all of our clients as individuals. Even though having poor health or wellness is a worldwide common problem, no one client is the same and we have trained experts that listen to you and advise you on the best ways to help you gain excellent Health & Wellness.

Specialised Training Education and Nutrition Support

All of our prices include supplements and comprehensive after-care packages which include dietary and fitness advice to ensure your Personal Health & Wellness effectively and safely. We arrange consultations to help you make the correct food choices and also provide you with a fitness package to promote your new healthier and happier lifestyle.

Personal Development Prices

We offer different Health & Wellness procedures for you to choose from. The varying time options are appropriate for different levels of Health & Wellness and they will be discussed at length in your consultation. Our prices are based on seeing you daily until completion.

Prices are as follows:

TV/Media Offer* FROM 4 WEEK FROM £1395
GOLD 12 WEEKS £4995

These prices are correct at time of publication 1st March 2014. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Prices are subject to consultation at which point Clients will receive their Personal Quotation.

We occasionally have special offers running which may entitle you to a discount on the above prices, check out our website or contact us to see if there are currently any offers.

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