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Lez Wright is the sole owner of the information collected on its website. Lez Wright collects information from its users on its website. Other than for specific purposes as agreed with the user, the information that is collected through these websites is used for marketing and analysis purposes only.


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any item purchased from Lez Wright please return it within 30 days for a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price (excluding p & p)


Information gathered through these websites will be held in a database and will be used periodically to assess the success of the website and to monitor its activity.

When a user requests a page from the website’s server, the server automatically collects some information about the user’s system, including the IP address. Lez Wright collects the minimum information necessary to ensure its services work successfully and reliably, and to monitor activity on its websites so that it can continually assess and improve them. Lez Wright does not create individual profiles of users, it only collects aggregate data.

Health Notice

If you are unwell or on medication, we recommend you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Our products are not medicine, and is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease.


Lez Wright may ask for information from users of its websites. Information gathered through its websites will be held in a database and will be used periodically to assist in the various marketing activities of Lez Wright Personal Development. Lez Wright does not currently disclose users’ information to any other third parties.