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Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride is a natural white mineral produced from seawater after the sodium chloride has been removed, and the seawater evaporated.

What does Magnesium chloride do?

Magnesium chloride has excellent healing properties, it has the ability to rejuvenate the body and works effectively in the management of a wide range of diseases.

We know that Magnesium is essential for many enzyme reactions, especially in regard to cellular energy production which results in a healthy brain and nervous system. It also has beneficial properties  for healthy teeth and bones. Magnesium chloride can also enhance the immune system.

Magnesium occurs naturally in the body and is found in certain foods. It is important for many systems in the body especially the muscles, nerves, heart, and bones.

Magnesium chloride is used to treat or prevent magnesium deficiency .

Not all types of magnesium deliver the same recognizable benefits. Lez Wright’s Ultimate Magnesium is definately worth a try!


We recommend adding a teaspoon of Ultimate Magnesium to freshly squeezed lemon, lime or water. Wait for 3 minutes, then stir and drink.

Ultimate Magnesium can be used in your bath.

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