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Confidence & Motivation

Confidence & motivation are essential characteristics to have, without them many negative situations and circumstances can and do happen.

Lacking confidence is a learned phenomenon, a conditioned habit. People who lack confidence can suffer silently; they find it difficult to maintain positive thoughts, emotions and self control. The great thing is Confidence & Motivation can be achieved. And we can help you have it.

Confidence & Motivation program is ideal for:

  • People having a mid-life crisis
  • Relationship problems
  • financial problems
  • mentally out of control
  • Stressed out
  • Stressed at work


What to expect from Confidence & Motivation programme?

Confidence & Motivation

We deal with confidence & motivation head on. Learning what you are eating is of paramount importance, and features heavily within the training program. Many foods that are advertised as healthy may in fact be the cause of your stress problems.

Using our Ten Approach (Training, Education, Nutrition) will totally re-educate your mind, your body and your palate, by showing you what foods truly will provide you with the healthy body and mind you deserve.

Another major misnomer is the way you engage in physical activity and it’s outcome. We get amazing results with a very short exercise routine (10-15 minutes daily) that most age groups and genders can undertake.

Call Us before booking this Programme

  • Phone call to discuss your current lifestyle
  • Arrival at Lez Wright Personal Development’s office
  • Skill sets Development
  • Discussion about goal setting
  • Overview of what you need to do
  • Review Programme plan, Training – Learning – Nutrition (T.E.N)
  • Review simple Goal setting
  • Debrief

Call Us before booking this Programme

Client’s Story



Q: What is Confidence & Motivation?

A: Confidence is to believe in oneself based on your character, skills and ability. Confidence is to know and feel that you have done the work to become confident. Confidence is the ability to control ones thought and emotions from within yourself without the use of outside influences helping you to be confident.


Motivation is to control ones thought and emotions from within yourself without the use of outside influences helping you to be motivated. Motivation is movement, doing. Motivation is the maintenance of doing. Motivation is essential to getting things done without the stress.


Q: Why Confidence & motivation is important?

A: Confidence and motivation gives an individual positive characteristic that are desirable, fun and happy. With Confidence and motivation it is likely skills are far superior to someone who lacks these characteristics. With fewer skills the dependency on others will be inevitable.


Without motivation, procrastination is usually unavoidable, people tend to put of doing, defer or delay. This can be a problem especially if you are expecting to get what you need doing to be done. Motivation is the key to getting what you want done without the stress of having to do so because you have to.


However people do get motivated into getting what they need done, usually because they have to do it, desperation, fear, greed or anything else of a negative nature. This kind of motivation can create mental and physical stress, and produce character traits of unreliability; never finishing what is started or if finished, could have been done better.


Q: Why Confidence & motivation programme?

A: To maintain confidence, motivation is needed. Motivation is necessary to maintain Confidence. This is why we combined the two. Motivation can function without confidence, but confidence cannot be maintained without motivation. They are essential together.


Q: What is fake or negative Confidence?

A: People do have bouts of confidence especially those who feel in control of something, someone, relationships, finances, job, home whatever that control is, if it is taken away the confidence usually goes with it. This kind of confidence relies heavily on external controls which do not last. We call this fake or negative confidence.


Q: What are the character traits for fake or negative Confidence?

A: Negative confidence is also habitual but dependent on external factors. The character traits of negative confidence usually cannot see their faults, cannot control their emotions, constantly looking for the next big thing and selfish.


Negative confidence can produce character traits of anger, arrogance, bullying, negative to others, blame game and happiness is difficult to maintain. However this character must use external things, situations or circumstances to convince themselves and others that they are OK and they are happy e.g. bragging about Houses, cars, holidays, money, other people’s money etc.


As you can see positive confidence & motivation are essential and excellent traits to harness, achieved in the right way.




Our Commitment to Understanding Your Needs

We understand that clients care and attention is pivotal in personal development and we treat all of our clients as individuals. Even though having poor health is a worldwide common problem, no one client is the same and we have trained experts that listen to you and advise you on the best ways to help you work with your personal development.

Specialised Training Education and Nutrition Support

All of our prices include comprehensive after-care packages which include dietary and fitness advice to ensure your personal development effectively and safely. We arrange consultations to help you make the correct food choices and also provide you with a fitness package to promote your new healthier and happier lifestyle.

Personal Development Prices

We offer different personal development procedures for you to choose from. The varying options are appropriate for different levels of personal development and they will be discussed at length in your consultation.

Prices are as follows:

TV/Media Offer* FROM 4 WEEK FROM £1395
GOLD 12 WEEKS £4995

These prices are correct at time of publication 1st March 2014. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Prices are subject to consultation at which point Clients will receive their Personal Quotation.

We occasionally have special offers running which may entitle you to a discount on the above prices, check out our website or contact us to see if there are currently any offers.

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