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Pro Sports Training Programme

Pro Sports training is for the discerned athlete who requires mental and physical superiority. We believe and can show that providing you have some decent level of skills and fitness in your game, your psychological performance is the most important attribute to have. We can certainly help enhance and take you to another level of excellence in this area.

Our advanced psychological training guarantees to significantly increase your performance where it is needed. Become the best athlete you can be, mentally physically & naturally.

Pro Sports Training programme is ideal for Athletes:

  • Who wish to have a psychological and physical edge over their opponents
  • Who wish to significantly increase their mental & physical endurance
  • Involved in one on one combat
  • Any competitive sport
  • Looking to be at the top of their game


What to expect from this Pro Sports Training programme?

Pro Sports Training

We deal with pro sports training in a very different but impressive way. Food, thought and fitness is of paramount importance, and features heavily within this training program.

Our Pro Sports Training program will totally re-educate your mind and body providing you with the motivation, confidence, healthy body and mind that you are going to need to succeed or to maintain your success.

We get amazing results and expect to get them with you within a very short time period.


Call Us before booking this Program

  • Phone call to discuss your current Pro Sports Needs
  • Arrival at Lez Wright Personal Development’s office
  • Skill sets Analysis and further Development
  • Discussion about goals
  • Overview of what you need to do to obtain your goals
  • Review Program plan. Training – Education – Nutrition (T.E.N)
  • Review Goal setting
  • Debrief

Call Us before booking this Program

Pro Sports Trailer



Q: How far can I go with my sport?

A: You are only ever going to go as far as your ability and skills can take you. We can certainly help significantly improve your performance.


Q: What level of performance increase should I expect?

A: This would be dependent on how you adapt to the programmes protocols and what level of performance you are at now. We would expect 10% – 35% increase.


Q: How can you ensure my high increase levels of performance?

A: . Most athletes train hard and eat well. We focus on areas you would not normally train (psychological) or even focus on. This increase would primarily becoming directly and indirectly from your psychological training.


Q: How long does it take to see any performance increase?

A: Dependent on the level of athlete, we have seen significant performance increase in days, but usually a few weeks and months, providing you maintain the programme protocols.


Q: How long do I have to stay on the programme?

A: We can work with you From as little as days to a few weeks before an event. We liaise with you and your team to get you psychologically ready before your event.

Q: Would you reduce the cost & consider a percentage of the earnings deal

A: We guarantee your psychological performance will be greatly improved and for that payment is necessary. Your skills and ability is down to you and your technical team. However we have a vested interest in the success of all our clients and would not rule out a deal.

Q: What are the programme protocols?

A: The programme protocols are only needed to be applied whilst the client is on the programme, which would be a days or a few weeks before your event. Train when requested, eat what we suggest and to take the supplement that we provide that are totally natural and our own brand. Our protocols for pro sport athletes are simple, so as to avoid any confusion.

Q: I am a pro sports athlete. Would I be working directly with Lez Wright

A:  Yes. He does have a team to assist him and providing everything logistically is OK and time schedules are booked in advance, you will be working directly with Lez. If this is not possible you will know in advance of booking.


Our Commitment to Understanding Your Needs

We understand that clients care and attention is pivotal in personal development and we treat all of our clients as individuals. Even though having poor health is a worldwide common problem, no one client is the same and we have trained experts that listen to you and advise you on the best ways to help you work with your personal development.

Specialised Training Education and Nutrition Support

All of our prices include comprehensive after-care packages which include dietary and fitness advice and phone calls to ensure your personal development effectively and safely. We arrange consultations to help you make the correct food choices and also provide you with a fitness package to promote your new healthier and happier lifestyle.

Personal Development Prices

We offer different personal development procedures for you to choose from. The varying options are appropriate for different levels of personal development and they will be discussed at length in your consultation.

Prices are as follows:

TV/Media Offer* FROM 4 WEEK FROM £1395
GOLD 12 WEEKS £4995

These prices are correct at time of publication 1st March 2014. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Prices are subject to consultation at which point Clients will receive their Personal Quotation.

We occasionally have special offers running which may entitle you to a discount on the above prices, check out our website or contact us to see if there are currently any offers.

Payment Plan

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