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Ultimate Hemp

What is Hemp Protein?

Hemp is a plant based food and is an excellent source of high quality nutrition. It truly is the original super food!

For those who do not have the time to eat healthily & regularly, Ultimate Hemp is fantastic because it contains 47% protein, 20 amino acids, 10 essential acids and is naturally rich in omega 3 & 6. So it literally has all the essential nutrients the body requires.

What does Hemp Protein do?

Consuming Ultimate Hemp Protein you can expect increased energy, fat loss, weight loss and increased muscle mass & definition whilst training. It is easily digestible so you will not experience the usual side effects  that  may occur with many other protein products, such as bloating, stomach upsets and diarrhoea.

Hemp protein is free from animal products, gluten, dairy, lactose, soya, whey, GMO, hexane, pesticides, additives, herbicides and preservatives. Lez Wright’s Ultimate Hemp Protein is brilliant for vegetarians, vegans & the health conscious.

Lez Wright’s Ultimate Hemp simply nourishes your body & cells naturally, providing you with the means to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

All hemp proteins come from the cannabis family however Lez Wright’s Ultimate Hemp protein contain no psychoactive THC so it’s impossible to experience a high from eating or drinking it.

However not all hemp protein is the same. Lez Wright’s Ultimate Hemp is an active high grade protein. It is a nutrition supplement that  is definitely worth a try!


We recommend adding 1-2 tablespoons of Ultimate Hemp to freshly prepared juices, such as fruit, ginger root or vegetables.

Ultimate Hemp can also be used as a herb for cooking or added to a variety of foods for that rich nutty taste.

Ultimate Hemp has a slightly nutty taste and odour.

£40.00 (GBP)